Tuesday, 1 December 2015

3 Fashion Must-Haves For Women

Women are known for their craziness to shop and can never get enough. I always feel that my clothes are not enough and I need more of them! As the fashion trends go in and out of the scene fast than you can expect, it might be difficult to stay in style all the time. However, there are a few women’s style must-haves that are timeless to be worn even as years pass. They are basic items to have in your wardrobe. For the ladies who have no idea on what styles that you should own in your closet, check out them right here.

Simple basic tops

The first fashion clothing that every woman should stock up in their wardrobe is the simple basic tops. The reason is basic tops allows you to be creative in matching it together with outerwear, accessories and bottoms easily. Besides that, it will never go out of style and will always look stunning on you at any age. I believe that you would always have the tops which you never get tired of it and love to do mix&match with them right? :) I especially love black or white colour tops with simple designs!

Little black dress

Another fashion must-have that is crucial for women to purchase a nice LBD. This is a very basic stuff to have in girls' wardrobe! Everyone knows that a women needs to have that one little black dress. LBD’s are the classic piece for women to wear to any occasion without ever having to worry they are out of style. Since the early days, little black dresses gives you that sophisticated poise appeal and makes you appear stylish anywhere you go. For the ladies who want to spice up the LBD’s is simply by glamming it up with statement jewelleries or bold eye catching shoes.

Tote size bag

Other than that, every woman will definitely find it handy to have a tote size bag. This is because women are known to carry a lot of things with them everywhere they go. We need a spacious bag to keep purse, car key, cosmetics, tissue, water bottles, umbrella and a lot more! Tote bags absolutely serve its purpose where women can fit anything they deem important and still appear trendy. Not to mention, tote bags also makes a perfect bag for women to make for their short overnight stays as well.

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