Friday, 2 October 2015

Shopee - Free App for easy shopping and selling

I love shopping a lot. Walking around in malls and buying something I like make me feel good. However, recently I do not have much time to do shopping since I have started to work. So I need an alternative and Shopee app is the one!

My newly opened account! :D

Shopee app is a mobile marketplace which is really easy and convenient to use for both buyers and sellers. With its in-app functions, I can enjoy fast, smooth and safe transactions. I always feel insecure when doing online shopping as I am scared that sellers will disappear after paying them my money! However, this problem would not appear in Shopee app as Shopee Guarantee ensures that the seller ship only after the buyer has paid, and the buyer's payment is transferred to seller only after receiving the product. So good right! This system definitely benefits both buyer and seller! Plus, with Shopee app, now I can shop anywhere and anytime

However, since we can shop and sell by using Instagram, why we need Shopee?

First of all, Shopee is FREE!

Shopee is a free app which is available to be downloaded by Android and iOS users. Shopee does not have any hidden charge, so sellers can set up their stores at Shopee without having concerns of payment. Since it is free, I have created my own Shopee account to explore more about Shopee. There are a lot of nice stuffs I like!

I can easily search the stuffs I like in Shopee as they are categorized properly. Instagram online stores do not have this function.

Second, privacy matters.

With Shopee's in-app 'Chat' function, conversation is kept within the app and personal between seller and buyer. Seller no longer needs to expose personal contact details to buyers. Seller no need to share their contact number to public like Instagram online stores anymore! 

Third, payment is easy in Shopee.

Buyers can make payment via credit card and online banking. This is really convenient for lazy people like me as I am really lazy to go to the machine just to make payment. Besides, Shopee not only benefits buyers but sellers as well. By using Shopee, sellers can avoid the hassle of having to crosscheck all the payment made for their items as Shopee will do for them. This is really good for the sellers right! 

Fourth, Shopee is at your service.

Shopee customer service is always there to provide support for all matters regarding Shopee service from payment, to delivery status right up to product quality. 

Face any problem at Shopee? Click 'Bugs and Feedback'.

Give them a call or send them a message! 

Fifth, Shopee helps to expand your horizons.

As a seller, you will be able to expand your customer base while for buyers, I can explore more and experience great deals and shop anytime and anywhere. Shopee actually expose me to more nice online stores! :)

I started to follow some nice sellers which sell interesting stuffs. I hardly find nice online store selling baking stuffs but I found one in Shopee!

Lastly, you can fully utilize social media with Shopee.

Still wish to use Instagram or Facebook to engage your customers? You can still share your online stores with your friends at Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. If you happen to see your favourite item at Shopee and you wish to share with your friends, just click 'Share'!

The candy color sticky notes are pretty!

Share to my friend who loves it too!

Since I am new user in Shopee, I am slowly following online stores I like and hunting for some nice items. :) Do follow me if you have nice and interesting stuffs to sell, I might be interested! :D 

Download Shopee now if you do not want to miss the chance to have easy and good online shopping experience in Shopee. :)

Good news to all my readers! 
You can get discount of RM10 by using discount code ILOVESHOPEE when shopping at Shopee. You can use it to shop storewide at Shopee marketplace.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Valid with minimum spend of RM30.
2. Valid for one time use only and applicable to all items in the Shopee marketplace.
3. Promo code must be entered at the checkout page.
4. Applicable to payments involving Shopee Guarantee (credit card, online banking, and bank transfers only.)

Official Website

Official Facebook

    Official Instagram

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