Sunday, 29 April 2018

Sharing with Sunshine Kelly - Guardian Malaysia

Yesterday I went to Guardian during lunch break. There were so many promotion going on that we could not resist and in the end, all of us brought something home! This Guardian interdental brush's original price is RM12.05 each, I got two for only RM 10.00, which means one only costs RM5.00 with promotion! This is so cheap so I must buy! For your information, Guardian Malaysia makes a bold move to offer range of items at the lowest price in the market to benefit consumers through their Knockdown Prices Programme. From Friday to Sunday, they will have around four to five products with price reduction from 10% to 70%. This promotion will be going on every week for the rest of the year, imagine how much we can save through this promotion! So thoughtful of them Guardian Malaysia to help consumers in dealing with rising costs of living.

Not only this, to help JB bloggers to improve our content and blogging skill, Guardian Malaysia took the initiative to invite SunshineKelly to have a sharing session with us at People & Places Cafe! We are really grateful as this is a golden opportunity for us to improve and learn from her blogging experience. 

Photo credit: Bee Abdullah

The whole sharing session was relaxing and comfortable. Kelly prepared a lot and she shared a lot of useful tips in blogging, sharing photos on Instagram, writing caption for pictures and ways to improve engagement. I admire how consistent Kelly is in posting updates, no matter on blog or Instagram, yet keeping quality content with good photos and informative captions. This is also a key point to improve engagement and follower loyalty. To allow us to learn better, they even had a mini Instagram posting contest. We had to take photos and upload to Instagram in 10 minutes with our own style. Kelly gave some useful comments on the photos posted and chose their favorite photos. Congratulations to Sherlyn and Princess for winning the mini contest! XD Even though the rest of us did not win the contest, we learnt a lot and had fun taking photos inside the cafe! Besides, I am really glad to know Bee and Farahani through this brunch as they are really cheerful and made the whole sharing session more enjoyable!

Photo credit: Bee Abdullah

I was trying hard to take the best flatlay hahaha!

We really enjoyed the whole session and had learnt a lot during the sharing brunch, all thanks to effort of Guardian Malaysia team and also Kelly who came all the way to Johor! Do check out for Knockdown Prices Programme by Guardian Malaysia as they have different items with discount every week (from Friday to Sunday), you would get to save a lot with this promotion!




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