Monday, 19 June 2017

Safi Shayla - Shampoo for women who wear headscarf

Wishing my Malay friends a blessed Hari Raya reminds me of how long we have been separated after matriculation. That was the second time I had Malays as my roommates. Difference in culture does not separate us, we still stay in contact until now. I still remember that one of my roommates likes to apply baby oil on her hair before sleep. Even with headscarf on, they also make their effort to maintain shiny and smooth hair. Who does not want pretty hair, my Malay friends want too.

Black Healthy Shine Shampoo

Understanding the need of women who wear headscarf, SAFI Shayla has launched a series of shampoo that is specially formulated for them. Malaysia's weather is hot and humid, sometimes it can be uncomfortable for women wearing hijab. Itchiness and hair fall problems are often faced by women wearing hijab. Therefore, this series of shampoo is specially formulated with ingredient Habbatus Sauda, which is believed to have 1001 benefits among Muslims. This range of shampoo can help to relieve scalp itchiness and hair fall problem

Hair Fall Control

Hair Conditioner

Refill Pack for Itchy Scalp Control Shampoo

These haircare products have great smell which is really suitable for hijab women. With restricted air flow, hair becomes greasy and sweaty. Unpleasant hair smell might be a difficult condition that hijab women need to face. Therefore, SAFI Shayla shampoo range which has pleasant smell can help to solve this problem.

Besides, SAFI Shayla has introduced refill pack for this range of shampoo. With challenging economy in our country, we need something cheaper and valuable. Unlike other refill pack, this refill pack is ready to use with cover instead of cut-off type. With the same good quality shampoo, SAFI Shayla would like to offer you a cheaper option with this refill pack

If you like to know more about this shampoo for hijab women, please log on to the following website. 

SAFI Youtube

Instagram @safimalaysia

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