Tuesday, 7 July 2015

[Giveaway] IKAN Brand Instant Chicken Curry Paste 咖喱鸡即煮酱

*Blow away dust on this space* 
Where have I been these few weeks? 
Enjoying to be tanned with my beloved course-mates and roommates, 
four years spent with you all are really full of bitter and sweet.
Sweet is definitely the larger part.
 Trying hard to say the best goodbye as I can. 
Okay, no more exam, no more study, no more trips, 
so I am here to continue blogging. 

This would be another food post with giveaway! 

Chicken curry is another dish that needs skill and preparation. For a person who seldom cooks, I really could not cook a good chicken curry without help from my mum. Even she helps, I probably will still mess up the dish. :/

So, I found the greatest invention to allow me to cook delicious chicken curry by myself, which is IKAN Brand instant chicken curry paste! No more chopping onions, no more preparing spices and no more preparing various curry powder which I do not even know how to differentiate! 

Instant chicken curry paste

These are the ingredients needed to cook chicken curry.

Instead of chicken meat, I used meatballs as I could not find any chicken meat inside fridge, hahaha! I love potatoes so a lot of potatoes are needed. Curry leaves is the soul for a good chicken curry! So easy right? IKAN Brand instant chicken curry paste really helps to simplify preparation step! 

1) Boil potatoes until cooked. Remove them from boiling water.

2) Cook potatoes with instant chicken curry paste. (You can add water or coconut milk but I prefer thicker texture, so I did not add water.)

3) Meatballs and curry leaves are added.

4) Cook until your kitchen is full of curry aroma and all the ingredients are cooked. 

5) Serve while it is still hot!

Tada!! My chicken curry looks really good right? Not only delicious, it tastes good and smells heavenly I tell you! I want to eat more rice because of this delicious chicken curry! 

 Okay! Now is the time for giveaway. IKAN Brand is so generous as they are going to give away 50 packs of instant paste (flavour is given randomly) to my readers! Just a few simple steps and you can receive IKAN Brand instant paste!

1) Follow my instagram. @cecetengteng (comment your instagram account below)
2) Like and Share IKAN Brand Facebook page. 
3) Inbox your name, phone number and mailing address to IKAN Brand. Make sure you mention cecetengteng in the message as well!
4) Only Malaysia address is accepted.

> IKAN BRAND uses all natural ingredients (without any artificial seasoning and flavoring 
> All IKAN BRAND products are preservatives, MSG and coloring free. 
> We check and make sure that all of our suppliers have HALAL cert and all our supplier’s products are without preservatives. 
> We pack our products in high temperature condition to make sure their have longer shelf life.
> Any charity event that required product sponsoring can contact my company and we will try our best to assist. 
> Our company supports charity events and we hired 4 workers from Dual Blessing Berhad (non-profit organisation for people with disability).

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