Saturday, 11 April 2015

[Luxola] Mario Badescu Skincare

It has been a long time since my last update!
So many things to do
yet so little time.
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Back to the topic, 
Luxola's parcel has arrived!
Receiving parcel and letter always makes me happy.

Luxola is the famous online beauty store which delivers wide range of beauty products to customers in Southeast Asia. More than 250 brands from worldwide are available at Luxola. Not only female, male can find their products at Luxola too! 

Mario Badescu is one of the brand that can be found at Luxola. Mario Badescu has been known for its old age skincare techniques for over 40 years. There are different range of skincare products from Mario Badescu to help to fight against acne, rosacea, ageing and other skin problems.

"Simplicity is the key to healthy, clean, radiant skin."
Mario Badescu

Special Cucumber Lotion
Silver Powder

Mario Badescu skincare products are made of natural botanical ingredients with minimal preservatives without testing on animals. This made me have more confidence on their acne products as I have sensitive skin. Mario Badescu also emphasizes on the quality of products so you can find that the packaging is rather simple compared to other brands. The content inside the container is more important than its packaging. I agree.

Silver Powder
RM 65.00

Silver powder?! It sound unique right! Mario Badescu's silver powder contains calcium carbonate, kaolin and zinc oxide. It is a super oil-absorbent powder which can unclog and tighten the skin pores, thereby helping to prevent blackheads and promote healthier complexion. Stubborn blackheads is always my concern so this product is a must-try for me since it sound so promising! But I wondered how it looks like, powder in sliver colour?! I was super curious before opening it.

Okay, it is not in silver colour but is white in colour. I think it looks like "pedak sejuk"! (Ehh, "pedak sejuk" is a type of old school skincare product which is mainly made of rice; it can be used as mask which has oil-absorbing and cooling effect!) Silver powder does not have strong fragrance smell. So how to use it? Pat it directly on your skin? No lah, let's me teach you step by step okay? :)  

Dampen a cotton ball with water. (I do not have cotton ball so I used cotton pad instead.)

Dip it into the powder.

Press the powdered ball on T-zone area and other clogged area. (I tried it on chin area because my chin area is quite rough due to clogged pores. T.T) 

Allow the powder to sin on your skin for 10 minutes. Basically it will dry out and you can remove it with toner or astringent. 

My chin area is quite rough compared to other area of my face because of clogged pores. After using Mario Badescu's silver powder, it becomes smoother, cleaner and less oily! So this silver powder really worked to clear up pores. :) Since the instant result is quite promising, I believe silver powder can help to smoothen my skin and clear my pores if I use it longer. :) It is recommended that silver powder can be used once or twice a week for best result. 

Special Cucumber Lotion
RM 134.50

This special cucumber lotion is used as a toner and deep-cleansing astringent. It can help to treat acne by drying up blemishes and preventing new acne formation. Cucumber can help to calm and moisturize your skin since it is really gentle and mild. Therefore, this lotion has soothing properties which makes it suitable for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin.

It has mild and pleasant smell. Although the lotion is quite watery, you no need to worry about leakage problem as it has leak-proof opening!

Use it twice daily after cleansing. Avoid the eye area and follow with moisturizer or night cream.

Although it is an acne-treating product, it is not drying at all! It is quite mild which I find it is really suitable for sensitive skin. No irritating tightness on skin after using it. It is quite refreshing and less oiliness on skin. For acne-treating purpose, long term usage is needed to see the result. However, for now, it is quite a good toner to use since it is really refreshing and makes my skin less oily. :)

Feeling interested in these products? Log on to Luxola's website to find out more about Mario Badescu products! Not only acne products, you can find other products that are suitable for your skin issues. By the way, as I mentioned earlier, you can find many more other brands at Luxola's website too! I could not help but keep scrolling the page! Products ranging from makeup, skincare, bath&body, nails and men's products can be found at Luxola's website!

Good news to all the readers! 

Simply key in promo code "BLX-CECE" upon checkout and you can enjoy 15% off for the first time orders made*! 
*This offer lasts for 1 month from now.This offer is not valid on non-discountable brands as found in the FAQpage of Luxola's website. 



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