Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I smiled? Nope, I laughed, hahaha!!

This was another random day in PLKN camp. We were sitting on the floor and listening to boring speech after we did marching practice under scorching sun. With heavy, smelly and sweaty uniform and boots on, I wanted to bath but I was not allowed to! >< 
The boring speech, the spinning fan, the chitchatting sound, everything had hypnotizing effect on me, I was super sleepy. I tried to open my eyes as big as possible but my eyelids felt heavy and they began to droop. I gave up. I hugged my curved up legs and started to sleep. I thought I straightaway went into deep sleep mode without going through rapid eye movement mode. My body started to relax and was unable to balance myself. I did not realize that.
Suddenly, ‘Dom!’, I lost my balance and fell down in hugging curved up legs position. My teammates behind me thought that I was fainted and she yelled my name! Her yelling was not that loud but still attracted attention of people surrounding us.
Oh my god, until this moment only I woke up. “Cece, are you ok?” she looked at me with worried face. Everyone else looked at me with that face as well. Oh my god, it was embarrassing! >< Hahaha! I laughed awkwardly and said “Aiyoh, don’t worry lah. I was just sleeping lah!” Hahaha! =.= This was exactly the same as the expression she gave me,hahahaha! “I thought you fainted you know?!”.

I have crowding teeth. 
“Try not to show your teeth, can?”, “Eh, I think you look good, but not your mouth part. Hahaha!” I always smile brightly in front of camera, but still my close friend said it to me because she thinks my teeth is not that presentable, hahaha! XD
“Eh, I bet you can’t close your mouth properly when you sleep, because your teeth was too protruding lah!”. Okay, fine. But I did not feel offended because they are my good friends! XD

But still, who doesn’t want a better look if there is a chance? :D


  1. Haha nice story babe! But I think you're super duper cute, so don't bother what they say ok! :D <3

    1. Thank you Carinn!! Congratulation for winning!!! Your story is great! :)