Friday, 14 February 2014

[REVIEW] Maybelline BB Mousse & Maybelline The Jewels by ColorSensational Lipstick

Maybelline BB Mousse

Ermm, I have not tried BB mousse before as I always use BB cream. It sounds interesting and new for me although BB mousse was launched few years ago. I supposed BB mousse can produce a lighter look and easier to spread on skin  compared to BB cream as it is in mousse form. So, let me to try out and show you the result! ^ ^ 

It looks similar to hair spray, I was really curious how BB mousse look like inside the bottle :P However, it is quite hard to control the portion I want because I thought that I should use more as it is in mousse form but actually it is not! So you just have to have a quick press to get enough amount of it. 



It is quite easy to apply but it dried quite fast so I have to spread it quickly. The coverage is quite ok and is able to cover skin pores. However, once I sweat, it will melt and become runny!! (That means I cannot get wet when I use this BB mousse!!)

PRICE: RM49.90

Maybelline The Jewels by ColorSensational Lipstick

Nice and fashionable packaging right? Rainbow shines are spotted on the cover.

The colour I got is 1433 PINK TOURMALINE.
The price is RM 29.90.

There are tiny fine shimmers in it, which making the lips shine like jewels!
I know that a good lipstick can make a person look more lovely and energetic. However, when I was Form 2, I had really dry and chapped lips and the condition was really serious until I cannot talk and smile properly. Doctor said I was allergic to something. Now, my lips' condition is getting better so I think it is the time for me to play with lipstick :)

I tried it on my hand to show you a clearer result. It is a pretty pink shade with shimmers in it.

It is creamy and easy to apply. After 1-2 times of applying, it is well pigmented and is quite moisturising. However, the effect of this colour on lips is not that well as on my hand. I think I am not suitable with this colour. Maybe I can try out another colour next time. :) Plus, it did not cause my lips to be allergic after that.

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