Sunday, 23 February 2014

Image Cooker @ Desa Tebrau, Johor

Image Cooker, located near to Tebrau Aeon Jusco, I saw it before when I passed by here and I thought that it is probably a photography studio according to its name. The signboard is actually not that obvious and eye catchy but I noticed it as I am always day-dreaming while staring at the shops outside when siting in car.

We did not know which way to go up until a staff of Image Cooker who was at ground floor told us.

So, it is a cafe+studio+gallery?! Another shocking fact is it is a vegetarian restaurant!! Woah, so stylish la vegetarian restaurants nowadays! How is its environment?? Let the following photos do the talking ^ ^

Light bulb, Light bulb and Light bulb...

Look like construction site? a house in process of renovation? a touch of retro due to those antique radios and TVs? Whatever. It is just unique in its own way.

Image Cooker is really a nice place to chill out, we played cards there without disturbing others, I guess? :P CLUEDO SUSPECT? Ohnono, my brain cannot rotate, maybe I should practice more. Oh, for your information, I was sitting on a bucket, they actually use bucket as a chair! So creative!

We was there due to this unique lens cup, hahaha!! After covering the cup, it really look like real lens!! 

Fresh mixed fruit juice
under RM10

It tasted like no sugar is added, which is really suitable for health conscious people. :D
I should try out their vegetarian dishes next time! :)

Address: 19 B&C, Jalan Harmonium 33/1, Taman Desa Terbau, 81100 Johor Bahru (near to Tebrau AEON Jusco)

Phone no: 016-776 9790

Business Hour: Tuesday to Sunday (Monday off) 3 pm to 12 am


  1. I love the longkang cover! Did you see it? very nice!

  2. WOW seldom see cafe at third or forth floor. interesting

  3. Princess, yaya, i saw it,very unique hor :D
    Lerler, yaya, it is hard for us to notice it also :)

  4. 怎麽我今天才知道思思燈燈也有blog ��

  5. tong xuan,被你发现了!真不好意思~~