Sunday, 13 October 2013

[REVIEW] 2-Step Oceania Firming Pack 大洋洲水漾弹力双膜组

Thanks Comian for giving me this mask!! <3

This product is from My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记.

It comes in 2 steps form:
Glasswort Hydrating Mask 珊瑚草水合弹力面膜 + Marine Firming Cream 深海胶原弹力乳霜 = 2- Step Oceania Firming Pack 大洋洲水漾弹力双膜组

Mask + Cream??!!It doubles the moisture,don't you think so??

The fact is after using the mask, my skin is really hydrated and bouncy.The plus point is after applying the cream,it somehow locked the moisture given by mask,sound amazing??My skin was really QQ (meaning bouncy) after this!!And this mask is suitable for fatigue skin type~~

Very cute packaging~~You can actually tear the upper part down~~Upper part is cream and lower part is the mask~~Really convenient pack during travelling ya~

The mask actually can attach to my skin well~and it is really thin sheet!!
And I love its smell,really pleasant and relaxing~~

the cream part~

The texture is quite thick but not oily~~

I can apply it easily and it smells good too~~

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