Monday, 7 October 2013

Parasitology- Searching for eggs~

Erm,weird topic hor~hehe~
During the parasitology class, we were asked to prepare smear from stool~Ya,you didn't see it wrong,is STOOL!!As eggs of parasites for many species can be found in the stool which is diagnostic stage,so what to do,have to bear with it la~
But,the point is,it is really difficult to differentiate artifact from the real eggs!!(Artifacts are other things that exist in the stool like starch,hairs,plants pieces,spores and many more)
Me: *pointing at my microscope* Sir, is this the egg??
Lecturer: No,is artifact.
(and this conversation repeated so many times until I found something!!)
Me: *searching again with my tired eyes*
Me: Ahh!!This one is it??
Lecturer: Yaya~Congratz,you found something~
And below are some eggs that I found~~ (actually only 2 species la...)

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