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Fairer skin with natural glow and fine complexion, who doesn't want it? :) To achieve this, sufficient hydration with goodness that can improve skin radiance is really essential. There are so many products in market and you are clueless that which one to start with, why not try out starter kit from the famous Sekkisei series of KOSE, to have a complete change on your skin? :)

Glow from within.

KOSE Sekkisei Trial Set costs RM 99 including GST. So much goodness in one pouch and it costs only RM99?! Faster grab it before it is sold out!

Sekkisei White Liquid Wash 20 ml
Sekkisei Lotion 100 ml
Sekkisei Emulsion 70 ml

Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask 10 g

Bihadagoyomi Mask 3 pcs
Exclusive Setsuko pouch
 (kimono style or city chic style)

Forever radiant, Forever you.

With the goodness of oriental plants extract, KOSE Sekkisei series help to enhance skin complexion and retain skin moisture, thereby achieving translucent and supple skin with glowing and even skin tone.

Setsuko, the cute little girl of KOSE Sekkisei knows how to achieve glowing snow-like skin, let's follow her footsteps!

Sekkisei White Liquid Wash

This product is a gentle liquid wash which remove impurities on skin while retaining skin moisture.
With the content of Chinese sweet leaf extract, it helps to soothe skin and provide skin healthy glow by removing dirt and impurities on skin. 

Direction to use:
Dispense one to two pumps onto palm and gently lather with water.
Massage onto face and wash off thoroughly.

Sekkisei White Liquid Wash formed really mild foam that disappears fast. Therefore, there was only this little foam left on my face that I managed to capture. This liquid wash is a bit irritating to my sensitive lips during the cleansing process so I would suggest you to avoid lips area if you have sensitive lips like me. After cleansing, my skin is smooth, supple and hydrated. There is no dry and irritating tight feeling left after cleansing, which is occasionally felt when using other facial wash. My skin appeared to be fairer afterward and I cannot stop touching my skin to feel the smoothness!    

Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask

Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask is the famous signature mask from Sekkisei series, which helps to remove blackheads, dead skin cells on skin, tighten skin pores, thereby giving you better skin complexion and improve skin clarity.

The content of Red oolong tea extract which helps in tightening skin pores and Chinese quince extract with sebum control effect makes it a signature mask product in clarifying skin.

Direction to use:
Spread it across your cleansed face.
Peel it off once it dry from inwards from outer area of face.

This black peeling mask has really pleasant smell, as if I applied some herbal extract on my skin. It is easy to spread on skin with its smooth and thick texture. I tried it on my nose area as I have blackheads problem on nose. I would wish to see its effect in removing blackheads. However, it does remove dead skin, face hair and some blackheads but I expected better result in removing blackheads. Perhaps my blackheads is too stubborn. :/ Besides, you must avoid eye area, eyebrows, hairline and lips area as it is really quite painful to pull off the mask from these areas. Please don't try. After peeling off the mask, my skin is less dull and smoothness level increased! :)

Sekkisei Lotion

This blue bottle of essence is the Sekkisei bestseller, which is famous of its effect in boosting moisture and enhancing skin translucency and clarity. It does not only give you fair skin, but also penetrate deep to enhance metabolism thereby reduce dullness and give radiance to your skin. Glowing and translucent skin is achievable with this star product with oriental plant ingredients.

Direction to use:
Pour lotion generously onto a cotton pad and pat gently on face.
If you need a quick moisture boosting effect, you can try soaking bihadagoyomi mask with this lotion. Just 5 to 10 minutes of application is needed to get instant hydrating effect! :)

This lotion is watery and really refreshing to apply on skin. Although its alcohol smell is a bit strong, its moisturizing effect is good and not irritating to my skin. Skin tone is brightened and skin moisture level up! :) If you are rushing for an important date, lotion mask would be the best option to make you look radiance with glowing face as it is easy and quick to use with instant moisturizing effect.

Sekisei Emulsion

This emulsion is the last skincare step to complete with Kose Sekkisei Trial Kit. Its formula with moisture balance polymers can help in retaining moisture while its herbal extracts content of Inula britanica Flower, Chinese pearl barley, Paeonia albiflora root, Melothria heterophylla and Angelica gives a fairer skin by inhibiting melanin production and formation of dark spots and freckles. 

Direction to use:
Dispense 2 pumps on cotton pad and spread evenly on skin.
(I prefer to spread with hand as I do not want to waste even a bit of emulsion, hahaha!)

Its highly emollient formula enables it to be absorbed fast and penetrate deep into skin, without leaving sticky, oily or uncomfortable feeling on face. It is well-absorbed, giving natural glow and radiance while retaining skin moisture. Foundation and make up would definitely stay longer if you apply this emulsion beforehand. Hydrating effect is quite good that my skin look supple and soft!

Fairer and moisturized skin achieved after the skincare steps using Kose Sekkisei Trial Set. With RM 99, you can get 4 bottles of goodness in the cute convenient travel pouch! It is really worthy considering the amazing effect of these products. 

By the way, thank you Butterfly Project Malaysia and KOSE for giving me this lovely pinky surprise! I am really amazed by the effort in creating surprise in the huge pink box. And the helium love-shaped balloon! It is really WOW! :)

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