Wednesday, 6 January 2016

London Weight Management - Signature Lavender Slimming Treatment

Chinese New Year is coming soon! That means there will be less than one month for you to slim down and fit into your new clothes. At such a critical period, you might need professional help from London Weight Management, the leading slimming brand in Malaysia. Their treatments have been the No.1 weight loss solution sought by Malaysian women. Thousands of Malaysian women have tried and testified our weight managing treatments which guarantees up to 3kg or 8-22cm loss in the first sessionLondon Weight Management has been offering safe, easy and effective weight loss programmes for women of all ages to achieve an ideal and healthy weight, including their Signature Lavender Slimmining Treatment.

London’s Signature Lavender Slimming Treatment
Most of us find the heavenly aroma and lovely look of lavender irresistible, but not too many know it’s a surprisingly versatile herb with numerable benefits that not only does good to the skin and soothes the mind and soul as well.

Step 1: One-to-One Personalized Consultation
London Weight Management’s Slimming Consultants will examine and provide a detailed analysis of the customer. The type of weight problems will be identified and customised treatment will be given to help customer achieve their ideal figure and weight.

Step 2: Aroma Steam Bath
An exhilarating experience, London’s Steam treatment will invigorate the mind and soul from daily stresses. Hot steam opens up the body pores to maximize results from the following treatment steps. Benefits of the steam treatment include draining out excess water from the body and improving blood circulation.

Step 3: Oxygenating Lavender Scrub
Users will enjoy the Lavender Scrub as it provides more than just stress and tension relief. It’s a totally body-loving scrub, so relax for a softer, smooth skin while dead skin cells are scrubbed away. Besides, there will also be a relaxing massage to improve blood circulation.

Step 4: Hot Blanket
The consultant will assist in scrubbing off dead skin cells for a softer and smoother skin. The dual function of the Hot Blanket helps you flush excess water and toxin from body as well as increase metabolism and refreshes the body.

Step 5: Ampoule & Machine
Imagine exercising while lying down!  London’s fat-burning ampoule burns fat for up to 12 hours! Machine treatment will stimulate the muscles and boost body’s metabolism. Together, ampoule and machine treatment will break up stubborn fat deposits in the body and burn it.

After the treatment, the consultant will weigh and take down the body measurements for a comparison with the weight and measurements before the treatment. Thousands have tried and testified to London’s Signature Lavender Slimming Treatment, which guarantees up to 3kg or 8-22cm loss in the first session.

For Best Results:
Follow a recommended balanced diet and London Weight Management program. London Weight Management guarantees up to 3kg or 8-22cm loss* in the first slimming session.

*Results may vary. Please consult a London Weight Management expert for the recommended.

For more info about this treatment or a customized weight management program, kindly log on to or contact hotline at 03-2614 1234.

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