Thursday, 7 November 2013


Hoho!! Went to Coconut house at Jaya One not long ago~~ Jaya One is really full of nice ambience, well furnished  restaurants, should find time to explore there~~
Ok, back to topic, during the first time I heard of Coconut House, the first thing came to my mind was this restaurant sure is a restaurant which offers coconut related food, maybe our local dishes (nasi lemak?!), LOL! 
But, the fact is it is actually an italian reataurant which offers italian food and rubber wood-fire pizza! Lol, totally out of my expectation! It is well furnished with concept of wood, really cozy place to hang out~ Oh, forgot to mention, this is a non-halal restaurant~


LOL, please focus on the pizza.
Fruitti de Fruit 

fruit + pizza, a bit weird hor? but actually not weird at all and they matched well! The toppings are  bananas, pineapples and mangoes. It can be a dessert after meal~

Meatball Spaghetti

The pork meatballs really tasted good!!Really juicy! Inside spaghetti got a lots of tomatoes. The portion is not as small as in the photo... (sorry for the wrong angle...)

Above is Coconut House's contact information.
Enjoy reading ^ ^

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