Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Yipee!!I got the chance to have a small sudden trip to Penang~

Feeling bored in the bus.

Wohoo!!First time taking ferry!!

Is that Penang bridge?I guess so.

Sad case,this one is beside the road,so we din't stop to take a photo~

Some new mural arts are added by ASA~

That day was a super sunny day, so the sky looked really nice in photo~

I like this the most, really colourful and nice!!

Bruce Lee

Ishihara test

Big Big cat

Chew Jetty~I like this!!Colourful~

There got one friendly aunty who sells surname thingy and vege chips,she is so friendly that even we din buy anything from her,she still explain us about chew jetty and many things~~

# Escape Theme Park #
Went to escape theme park during a super sunny day!! Quite challenging also~
RM 60 per adult

Omg!!Almost forgot to mention,1st time taking flight experience has been devoted to this trip!!(but it was quite expensive since we bought it last minute~ T.T)
And another 1st time was 1st time taking bus to Penang but lost our way to Alor Star,Kedah!!It was super scary when I saw the board with 'Sempadan Kedah'!Hao cai at last we managed to take bus at Alor Star station back to Butterworth, abuden it is quite possible that we might reach Thailand liao!LOL!!

虽然迷路了,也花多一笔交通费,可是我们也看到多几片稻田,Alor Star Bus Station 和 Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang!!
所以也算是旅行到了吉打啦~~ ^ ^

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